Today in New York: Tatiana Roulin

02 aprile 2010

Tatiana Roulin comes from a land far far away: Russia. In 2001 she moved to New York and started a new life as an artist.

Her drawings are so magical and evocative that they seem to take you away from reality, into the legends and beautiful stories of her amazing home- land.

::Why and when did you start 3D mirror? 3D Mirror Art Studio has been opened in Moscow (Russia) before my family and I moved to New York in 2001. I opened it because I have always had this idea about my own studio and simply because I love to create things. In addition I’d like to say that I love to work on my own without tough supervision so I think having my own studio is the best way to show people the best I can do in art and design. Year ago, in 2009, I opened my Etsy store in order to let people buy my art all over the world but you can find my art not only in online stores. I sell and show my art at local boutiques, art galleries, artist studios, national and international art shows.

::Where do you get your inspiration? People often ask me where I get ideas and inspiration for my art. Normally I use my own designs in creating artworks, which means that most of the artworks are coming out of my imagination, memory and life experience. If for some reason I cannot find a needed idea or element for my work I refer to either my Royalty-free photo references or my own collection of photographs I’ve taken myself. Traveling, visiting new places even reading or watching movies – in short, anything that supplies me with new visual or emotional experiences – can provide an idea for a new artwork.

:: Who is your ideal buyer? Well, I think this is something that doesn’t exist in a real life. But if to imagine how I’d like one to be, then it would be someone who doesn’t need to be educated enormously about fine art: polite, knowledgeable, art appreciator who is able to identify and highlight a real art from all odd jobs, who thinks that art is aimed at making people think, feel and learn not to entertain in the first place.

::What is your favorite NYC place? I have couple places I love in New York. They are Central Park especially in spring and summer, The Metropolitan Museum of Art of course and Metropolitan Opera House. I am a huge fan of opera so I couldn’t leave it unspoken.

:: Do you think New York can still be considered the place-to-be for young creatives? Actually I personally think that New York fits better for young, ambitious, very energetic, unmarried professionals no matter whatever field they belong to: art, engineering or financial sphere. I think so partly because of the crazy rhythm of New York and because I lived in this megalopolis so I had some time to make my opinion about it.

:: Where do you shop in NYC? It depend what kind of shopping we are talking about. If it is about food I like Amish Market in Manhattan or any Whole Foods Market. To buy some clothing I could go to Anthropologie, Banana Republic, The Gap or H&M. To buy household stuff I visit Costco sometimes. Well in New York City there are many places to shop in so I cannot name all of them.

:: If I say Italy, you say…? I say that I am in love with this country since I’ve been there in 1997 with my husband. I love Italian atmosphere and food. Ton of historical locations and beautiful views all in all make me feel really good and inspired as an artist. I love almost every place I’ve seen: Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples, San Marino, Pezaro. Every place has its unique mysterious atmosphere I like.

Francesca Masoero

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