Today in New York: Dafni Kangilieri

11 marzo 2010

DafniDafni Kangilieri is a blogger, a graphic designer and an artist.

She loves nature, food and art and she states without a doubt that New York is the place to be for young and hip creatives.

She is also obsessed with Friends (sometimes she even responds to the name Phoebe) and her La Cravatte du Chien creations are some lovely brooches and jewels that look like a materialization of Central Park’s fairies and elves.

You don’t believe in neither of them? Well, after a look at Dafni’s creations I bet you’ll change your mind and start feeling like Amy Adams in Enchanted.

::Why and when did you started La Cravatte du Chien? I started La Cravatte du Chien in 2007. I had been crafting for a while as that is something that relaxes me and makes me feel alive. But at the same time I was working as a graphic designer in Athens -that’s still my “real” job! Anyways, opening the Etsy shop allowed me to meet some wonderful people, and to sell my items all over the world. No matter if you live in New York, Japan or Italy the La Cravatte du Chien creations can get to you, wherever you are.


:: Where do you get your inspiration from? I am actually inspired by almost everything I see… and by things I imagine too! I live in Athens now, a big chaotic city, full of cars, noise and tall buildings, just like New York, but with fewer green areas. That’s why, being a nature-lover, I sometimes think about trees and forests and flowers to get my inspiration working: I like bright colors, fantasy fairy tales, rainbows – you’ll find all these subjects among my creations. I also love watching movies, I think that inspires me too…


:: What’s your favourite NYC movie and what is your favourite NYC tv serie? My favourite NYC movie is As good as it gets! First of all I love Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt. And then well…I laughed so hard when I watched it! But I also loved the deeper meaning entangled in the story about respecting peoples differences and being able to just have fun, no matter what. I think that’s what New York is actually all about!


As for my favourite NYC tv serie, that would of course be Friends. What other show has ever been so funny and hilarious  and has had such amazing characters? I liked Phoebe especially, probably because I sometimes feel I’m like her -maybe not as crazier. Plus Friends was all about New York: Central Park, Bloomingdales, the Natural History Museum… Those and other famous NYC places have been featured in the serie and I bet that it’s also thanks to shows like Friends that so many people want to visit New York…


:: Do you think New York can still be considered the place-to-be for young creatives? Yes I totally agree with that. New York is definitely s a good place for creative people, and that is probably why so many of them have their business there. Plus New York is a huge city, with lots people. Lots of different people, actually, but yet extremely open-minded and available for everyone: everybody feels at home in NYC! Whatever your style is, in life and in art, in New York you can fit in, and that’s what’s makes the city so amazing. And what about the parties and events? There are so many things happening every second that no one ever gets bored there!!


:: Where do you shop in NYC? I have found a way to keep on shopping in NYC even if I am in Athens! My secret is on-line shopping… it is a very useful resource for all those who -like me- want to keep on feeling the Big A’s vibes from Europe.  There are lots of great online shops based in New York, two of my favorites are Marisol Spoon -with wonderful illustrations- and Clare Bare – with amazing handmade underwear. And when I get my New York stuff and open the box, I always feel like a piece of the City and some of its powerful emotions have come with what I’ve bought.


:: If I say Italy, you say…? I say pasta! you guys have the most delishous pasta dishes I have ever had…Well…that’s probably ’cause you invented it…!

Francesca Masoero

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